Bulgarian limited liability company. Established in 2008, we offer marketing services to the pharmaceutical sector based on the half a century combined experience of our management, the enthusiasm of our PR and sales force teams and the huge data bases we have.


  • The long and different experience of the management allows Eos pharma solutions to offer widest range of services to all healthcare companies.

  • All our services are dedicated to the success of our clients.


  • The PR specialists team - includes the Call Center stuff and project accounts located in six major Bulgarian cities.

  • The Sales force team with nationwide coverage including all major cities. Includes Key account managers, "Active" representatives and "Stand by" representatives, who can be activeted on request. The sales force team has nationwide coverage including all major cities.

  • All our representatives have at least bachelor dergee in life science.

Resources and Tools

  • TV studio - for production of short movies, spots and clips.

  • Specialized healthcare call center.

  • Own scientific information network and internet portals.

  • Regularly updated data bases with healthcare professionals – GP, specialists, pharmacists, which include contact details, size and location of the practice, prescription habits, colleague liaisons and relations. ***
*** NOTE: The respect to the privacy is essential part of the business ethics, therefore we do not share the private information of the healthcare professionals.