Bulgarian limited liability company. Established in 2008, we offer marketing services to the pharmaceutical sector based on the half a century combined experience of our management, the enthusiasm of our PR and sales force teams and the huge data bases we have.


  • Market analyzes – regulations, environment, volume, segments, current situation, dynamics, trends, distribution channels, pricing.

  • Promotional message analyzes – content, coverage, flow, acceptance, credibility, cost-effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical PR

  • Development of communication strategy.

  • Management of media events.

  • Specialized healthcare call center services.

  • TV spots and clips in company's own scientific network and internet healthcare portals.

Message Delivery Services

  • Symposiums, round table discussions and other product education and scientific events.

  • Phone and field interviews.

  • Defined groups interviews and discussions.

  • Sales (medical) representatives visits.

Rent of Sales Force

  • Net of sales representatives in direct contact with all important pharmacies and chains of pharmacies in all major Bulgarian cities.

  • Net of medical representatives in direct contact with more than half of the General practitioners (all major cities included) and most of the specialists.